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Clients Rights

Clients Rights

As a client, you have the right to:

  • be actively involved in the decisions around the delivery of your care
  • competent care that respects your privacy and dignity
  • receive adequate information on all aspects of services provided or treatment available in terms you can understand
  • participate in decision making which affects your care
  • consent to or refuse the services offered
  • consent to or refuse to participate in education or healing programs
  • have access to your personal records and to have the confidentiality of your records ensured
  • a second opinion if you feel the need
  • have an advocate of your choice
  • expect the service to advocate on your behalf.

Respect and dignity

You have the right to considerate and respectful care at all times and under all circumstances from our staff. Your cultural needs will be respected.


You have the right to obtain from the staff responsible for coordinating your care, complete and current information in terms and language you can easily understand.

You have the right to seek information and advice from other sources and to choose from available alternatives.

Refusal of service

You have the right to determine what happens to you. This includes:

  • choosing not to follow through with suggested care
  • giving or withdrawing your consent before any other service is carried out
  • refusing service from a particular worker or trainee.

Privacy and confidentiality

You have the right to expect:

  • to be interviewed or examined in surroundings designed to ensure privacy
  • that any discussion or consultation will be conducted discreetly and that individuals not directly involved in your care will not be present without your permission
  • your client record will be read only by staff directly involved in your care or in the monitoring of its quality
  • all communications and other records pertaining to your care will be treated as confidential.

Information collection statement

  • We collect and use only information that is necessary to provide you with care and treatment directly related to your needs or to comply with legal or funding requirements
  • We will not disclose personal information unless it is required, authorised or permitted by law
  • You have the right to access this information. For further information please contact the CEO.


All clients have a responsibility to:

  • tell the staff if they do not understand what they have been told about their treatment or care
  • keep appointments and inform the service if they are unable to keep scheduled appointments
  • treat other clients and staff with courtesy and respect
  • tell staff of any known changes to their health or circumstances
  • provide a safe environment in your home for service providers.

Your language

CACH can arrange interpreters to assist customers who speak little or no English.

For more details, please contact your service provider.


All clients have the right to expect that information provided will be kept confidential. For more information, please refer to the privacy statement in your service provider’s office.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of our service. Compliment and complaint forms are available on request.

Our Vision

Our vision is for Aboriginal peoples to achieve a state of wellness in line with our evolving notion of cultural well-being.

To achieve this vision, we work in partnership with all levels of Government, funded services, communities and individuals to identify needs and find solutions.

Our Values

The core values of the Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health are those of client service, integrity, respect, collaboration, learning and consumer focus. These values ensure responsive and accountable service to the people of Queensland.

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