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The Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health (CACH) is an independent, self-governing, community-controlled Indigenous organisation.

Established in 1998, CACH has grown out of the desire of Indigenous people to take control of their own health and have a say in how primary healthcare services are delivered within their communities.

In line with the principle of self-determination, CACH’s general membership determines the broad policies and procedures that govern CACH’s operations. CACH members gather once a year to review and update governing policies and procedures.

At these annual meetings, at least two new members are elected to the seven-member CACH Governing Committee. The new Governing Committee is then delegated with the authority to undertake the executive management of CACH over the following two years.

The Governing Committee is guided by CACH’s constitution and its general policies and procedures. Members of the Governing Committee also make executive management decisions, interpreting how the general CACH policies and procedures apply in particular situations.

In line with the CACH Constitution, while the general control of CACH is the responsibility of the CACH membership as a whole, the executive control of CACH is the responsibility of the elected members of the Governing Committee. This means that only general policies and procedures relating to a specific Governing Committee executive decision are subject to review at any general meeting of members rather than specific executive decisions.

How We Work

Our Strategic Direction

CACH’s Strategic Plan outlines our vision for improving the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Paroo and Bulloo Shires. It sets out the Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Strategies that will guide the operational priorities of all CACH staff.

In partnership with government and non-government agencies, and with our communities, we will continue to work collaboratively to address health needs, build resilience, and achieve our vision.

Our key strategic priority over the next 10 years is to expand and improve the way we deliver services along a healthcare continuum, from preventative care and early intervention through to management of chronic disease, rehabilitation and general medicine, always ensuring we offer culturally appropriate support to our most vulnerable clients.

Our Objectives

  • To provide the full range of health services for the people of the Paroo and Bulloo Shires and their families.
  • To ensure our services are culturally appropriate and incorporate a blend of alternative and traditional practices that encompasses physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual wellbeing.
  • To raise awareness across our communities of risk factors that contribute to sickness and disease.
  • To identify and address all priority healthcare needs of the communities we serve.
  • To find innovative, efficient and effective ways to achieve the best results possible for our people.
  • To ensure the CACH environment is non-threatening and a place where people feel empowered, and understand that their dignity, rights and privacy are respected.
  • To continually strive to meet all required healthcare standards and seek endorsement from all appropriate bodies while building a reputation based on reliability, honesty and trust.
  • To minimise fragmentation or duplication of service provision by implementing an integrated and coordinated model of care.

Our Vision & Values


For Aboriginal people within the Paroo and Bulloo Shires to achieve a state of wellness in line with our evolving notion of cultural wellbeing.

To achieve this vision, we work in partnership with all levels of government, funded services, communities and individuals to identify needs and find solutions.

Our overall aim is to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to take control of their individual, family and community health needs in order to live healthier lives.


Our core values are those of client service, integrity, respect, collaboration, learning and consumer focus. Our values align with CACH’s priorities – community, children, families, strength and culture. These values ensure responsive and accountable service to the people we serve.

Your Rights & Responsibilities

Your rights

As a client, you have the right to:

  • be actively involved in all decisions about your care
  • receive quality care that respects your privacy and dignity
  • expect information on all aspects of services or treatments in terms you can understand
  • respect and dignity, through considerate and respectful care at all times and under all circumstances
  • have access to your personal records and your confidentiality ensured
  • request a second opinion
  • have access to an advocate of your choice
  • expect the service to advocate on your behalf.

Your responsibilities

As our client, you have a responsibility to:

  • tell the staff if you do not understand what you have been told about your treatment or care
  • keep scheduled appointments and inform the service if you are unable to keep your appointments
  • treat other clients and staff with courtesy and respect
  • tell staff of any known changes to your health or circumstances
  • provide a safe environment in your home for service providers.

Refusal of service

You have the right to determine what happens to you. This includes:

  • choosing not to follow through with suggested care
  • giving or withdrawing your consent before any other service is carried out
  • refusing service from a particular worker or trainee.

Privacy and confidentiality

All clients have the right to expect that the information they provide will be kept confidential.

You have the right to expect:

  • to be interviewed or examined in surroundings designed to ensure privacy
  • that any discussion or consultation will be conducted discreetly and that individuals not directly involved in your care will not be present without your permission
  • your client record will be read only by staff directly involved in your care
  • all communications and other records pertaining to your care will be treated as confidential.

Our images

The images used throughout our website were taken in and around Cunnamulla with local families, children, youth and adults, and our CACH staff members.

The vision for this collection of images was to showcase the community that CACH serves. We wanted to feature people that our community members can relate to. It was also important for us to show CACH’s values and priorities in these images – community, children, families, strength and culture.

Information collection statement

  • We only collect information that is necessary to provide you with care and treatment directly related to your needs, or to comply with legal or funding requirements.
  • We will not disclose personal information unless it is required, authorised or permitted by law.
  • You have the right to access this information. For further information please contact the CEO.

Your language

CACH can arrange for interpreters to assist clients who speak little or no English. For more details, please contact the CACH office.